And how to post pics on this forum !!!

for zoze who'd like to spik angliche...

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And how to post pics on this forum !!!

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Thanks Rory (N°5) for the well detailed following explanations...
Pics = the same way as on the DLR Forum.

1. You send your pics to someone like Wistiti. Or any other website that publishes your photos.

2. Open simultaneously Your photos (not the thumbnails) and Le temps des Series.

3. Right Clic on "Propertys" of your photo (if it's called like that in English - it's always the last option in the dragbox).

4. Copy the photos adresse "http://my photos/blablabla/etcetcetc..."

5. On your reply to the Forum Le temps des series, click on "Img".
This gives you : "[img]" paste here your photo adress "http://my photos/blablabla/etcetcetc..." and click again on "[img]" which now has a "*" included.

That's all.
To check that it's OK, click on "Prévisualisation" on the bottom of the page.

Sad I noticed, but I don't know if it comes from my lap top or elsewhere, if you insert text before the photo, or if you try to insert a photo in the middle of the text, it does not always work.

Seems complicated, no, in fact once you have done it once, it's very easy.
(As I did not know how it worked on the DLR Forum, I tried to do it the same way - it works.

:hello: Rory.
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It's de la balle too much !

20 seconds for a single photo, 1 minute for 10 :yes:

Try, and win the pleasure to see you pictures illustrating your posts ! :grin:

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