how to use this thread ? please read before posting...

for zoze who'd like to spik angliche...

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how to use this thread ? please read before posting...

Message par landyman » vendredi 10 sept. 2004 12:29

Hello ! and welcome on this forum ! :hello:

This thread is specially designed for those of you (living on the other side of the channel, the irish sea or the atlantic...) that wish to contact our club, its members, in order to promote your events, to participate to ours, or simply to speak about what this forum is about : our cherished Land Rover Series...

Feel free to post. As no registration is required to post, please mind to sign your messages !!!

some keys :

sujet = topic
réponses = answers
auteur = author
vus = read
derniers messages = last messages

nouveau = create new message
répondre = answer
citer = quote
éditer = edit
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